Revision Value Education Unit 1-5

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Unit 1

  1. Where were the man and his son going?  a. the field     b. the bridge      c. the market
  2. What did they go with?    a horse       b. a pony       c. a goat               
  3. Who said, “You fools! Why are you walking when you have a …? …”?                                                  a. A man       b. A woman     c. One of a group of people
  4. Who said, “Look at that lazy boy, He is riding the … while his father is walking!”?                                a. A man      b. A woman       c. One of a group of people
  5. Finally what did they do with their pet before they came to the bridge?                                       a.They carried it in their arms.    b. They tied its legs and carried it on their shoulders.    c. They went back home.
  6. What happened to their pet while they were crossing the bridge?                                                       a. It kicked and fell into the river and drowned.    b. It kicked them and they fell into the river and drowned.     c. It slept on their shoulders.

Unit 2

  1. What was Bob doing in the backyard?     a. planting some flowers.    b. playing with a ball and a bat.           c. talking to his grandpa.
  2. Where did the ball roll?     a. into the flower trees.    b. into the bushes.    c. into the fruit patch.
  3. What did he see on the leaf?      a green worm.       b. a butterfly        c. a red caterpillar
  4. Who told him that it was a caterpillar?     a. His grandfather      b. His mother        c. His father
  5. Did he pick up the ball to hit it?     a. Yes, he did.       b. No, he didn’t.        c. He picked up the ball to hit the caterpillar.
  6. Who taught him about an equal share on this earth?     a. His grandfather         b. His mother        c. His father
  7. Where did Bob place it after he taught him about an equal right?    a. in the vegetable patch.     b. on a heap of dry leaves.    c. in the flower bushes.
  8. What will it become one day?     a dragonfly         b. a bat      c. a butterfly
  9. Will it help in the growth of more plants?      a. No, it won’t.      b. Yes, it will.    c. It will help in the growth of more plants.
  10. What is the caterpillar’s food?     a. dry vegetables        b. a heap of dry leaves    c. some fruits

Unit 3

  1. Did Emma let others down?     a. No, she didn’t.    b. Yes, she did.    c. Emma let others down.
  2. What did Emma promise her mother to do?    a. to look after her baby sister.     b. to return early and help her brother.       c. to help her brother complete his math project.
  3. Why did her friend call her?     a. to watch an interesting program on TV together.        b. to play football with her at the playground.      c. to take her pet to the vet together.
  4. What was Emma’s baby sister doing?    a. She was crying.                   b. She was sleeping.        c. She was playing.
  5. Did Emma look after her baby sister well at the end?     a. Yes, she did.      b. No, she didn’t.      c. She looked after her well.
  6. What did Emma decide to do?     a. stayed with her baby sister.        b. slept with her baby sister.     c. went to watch TV with her friend next door.
  7. Where did Joe go with his friends?     a. to the market.     b. to the playground.    c. to his friend’s house next door.
  8. What did Joe promise to do?     a. to look after his baby sister.    b.    to return late and help his brother.      c. to help his brother complete his math project.
  9. Did Joe return early and help his brother?     a. Yes, he did.   b. No, he didn’t.    c. He returned early and help his brother.
  10. Did Josh wait for Joe for a long time?     a. Yes, he did.      b. No, he didn’t.     c. Josh waited for Joe for a long time.
  11. What did he do after he waited for him?     a. He cried loudly.            b. He fell asleep.         c. He played football.
  12. Did he return home very late?     a. Yes, he did.               b. No, he didn’t.       c. He returned home very late.
  13.  How was Jay and Tia’s pet?      a. It was healthy.        b. It was sick.                 c. It was happy.
  14.  What did they promise her mother to do?     a. to take it to the vet after school.      b. to look after their father after he went back home.       c. to tell their father to take it to the doctor.
  15. Who took it to the vet?      a. Their mother           b. Their father         c. Jay and Tia
  16. Did their father return home early?      a. Yes, he did.      b. No, he didn’t.     c. He returned home late.
  17. How was their father from the office?    a. He was very happy.              b. He was tired.        c. He was suffering.
  18. Why did their father take it to the vet?      a. Because it was suffering.     b. Because it was barking.       c. Because it was playing.
  19.  Whom did Jay and Tia let down?      a. They let their parents down.  b. They let their pet down.   c. They let their parents and their pet down.
  20.  Was it suffering?     a. Yes, it was.       b. No, it wasn’t.     c. It was suffering.
  21. What did Melisa share with her friend?     a. her health        b. her family          c. her secret
  22. Did Melisa ask her friend not to tell anyone?     a. Yes, she did.      b. No, she didn’t.      c. She asked her friend to keep it a secret.
  23. What happened the next day?     a. Everyone didn’t know her secret.     b. Her friend was the best friend.      c. Everyone in the class knew her secret.
  24. Why did Melisa know that everyone knew it?     a. Because they gave her strange smiles and didn’t talk to her.     b. Because they gave her strange looks and whispered into one another’s ears.     c. Because they laughed at her when she passed by.
  25. Who let Melisa down first?    a. Melisa let herself down.      b. Melisa’s friend let her down.      c. Everyone in her class let her down.

Unit 4  

  1.  Who were the four sisters?    a. Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth      b. Jay, Tia, Amy and Emma   c. Emma, Jo, Meg and Jay
  2. How long did they want to rest and play?     a. a month     b. a week     c. a year
  3. Who was their cook?     a. Amy          b. Meg         c. Hanna
  4. When did their mother announce that she was tired

      and wanted to rest the whole day?     a. on the third day    b. on the second day    c.   on the first day

46. What did Hanna want (that day)?   a. to cook food    b.  to manage all the household        c.    a holiday

47. Who made breakfast?    a.  Jo       b. Meg     c. Amy      d. Beth

48. What were their breakfast?    a. Meat, potatoes and vegetables     b.  eggs and tea      c.   fruit with cream

49. Who cooked lunch?        a.  Jo       b. Meg     c. Amy  d. Beth

50. What were their lunch?    a. Meat, potatoes and vegetables       b.  eggs and tea      c.   fruit with cream

51. What did Beth and Amy do?    a. had mixed salt in the cream instead of sugar.     b. had left the kitchen in a mess.     c.    cleaned the kitchen.    d. did the laundry.

52. When did their mother come out of her room?   a. in the morning     b.  in the afternoon     c. in the evening

53. How were the children?   a. happy and full.     b. sad and cried.      c. tired and hungry.

54. Why did their mother want to rest that day?     a. Because she wanted to teach them

     about sharing their work.      b. Because she wanted them to live comfortably

     only when they share their work.     c. All of the two answers

55. What was this story adapted from ?    a. Little mermaid     b. Little Women     c. Little Red Riding Hood

56. Who adapted this story?    a. Louisa May Alcott      b.   May Louisa Alcott      c.    Alcott May Louisa

Unit 5

  1. Where did William Tell live?   a. in Switzerland      b. in Aldorf       c. all of the answers
  2. What was William Tell?    a. a soldier          b. an archer       c. a ruler of Aldorf
  3. Who ruled Aldorf?    a. William Tell      b. Duke Gessler       c. The soldiers
  4. How was that ruler?    a. kind          b. good       c. cruel
  5. How did he treat his people?   a. very well      b. very badly      c. very happily
  6. If the people didn't obey him, what did he do?   a. punished them     b. loved them       c. killed them
  7. How often did Tell go to the market with his son?    a. twice a week       b. once a week       c. every week
  8. What did the people do when they walked past the hat on the tall pole?    a. bowed to the hat.       b. stood quietly      c. stopped talking
  9. Where was that tall pole?    a. near the market       b. in the market          c. in the market square
  10. What happened to Tell when he walked past the pole without bowing?     a. He paid some money to the soldiers.      b. The soldiers took him to the Duke.     c. He had to bow to that tall pole for ten times.
  11. Where would the soldiers put Tell?   a. in the town      b. in the jail       c. in the market
  12. What did Tell do in front of the Duke?     a. obeyed the rule      b. bowed to the hat      c. refused to obey the rule
  13. How many steps did Tell cut an apple into two pieces with an arrow?    a. three hundred steps     b. two hundred steps      c. one hundred steps
  14. Where would the apple be placed?    a. the head of the Duke    b. the head of Tell's son      c. the hands of Tell's son 
  15. Who decided that Tell could do it?    a. The Duke      b. William Tell         c. Tell's son 
  16. What did the boy stand like?    a. a statue         b. a soldier            c. a tall pole
  17. How did the crowd around them stand watching?    a. angrily           b. quietly               c. happily
  18. How many pieces had the arrow cut the apple into?    a. two pieces      b. three pieces      c. four pieces
  19. Why did a loud cheer arise from the crowd?   a. Because Tell couldn't do it.      b. Because Tell could do it.      c. Because Tell's son cried loudly.
  20. How did Tell feel after he did it?    a. proud        b. happy       c. happy and proud 

Choose the correct words and fill the blanks.

share   truth    confidence    promises   

world   trust    roles   honest    belongs

  1. Being ……………….also means being courageous.
  2. We must have the courage to tell the ………………….. .
  3. All of us have our …………… and responsibilities in our families.
  4. We can all be happy and comfortable only if we ……………… the work?
  5. It is very important to keep our……………… .
  6. People will ………….. us only when we keep our promises.
  7. The earth ……………… to every one of us.
  8. We should use only what we need and take good care of the ……………. around us.
  9. We should do what we want and do it with courage and …………………, if we know we are right.                  

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