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  Choose the correct answer. 

(นักเรียนลองเข้าไปทำแบบฝึกหัดนี้มีเฉลยพร้อมแล้ว  มิสว่าดีมากควรทำนะครับ) พิมพ์เข้า Googleแล้วเข้าเว็บนี้เลยครับ

แบบฝึกพัฒนาทักษะภาษาอังกฤษ ปีการศึกษา 2559 - สถาบันภาษาอังกฤษ

  1. Alice: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the bus terminal? David: ____________________________ Alice: Thank you for your help.                                                     1. See you later.   2. Here you are.   3. Waste of my time.   4. Go straight and turn right.
  2. Jim: ______________________________                                                                                             Anna: It’s on the 27th of April.                                                                                                           Jim: What do you usually do for her?                                                                                                   Anna: I give her a present.                                                                                                                   1. What is it today?    2. When is your father’s birthday?   3. What day does your mother like?             4. When is your mother’s birthday?                              
  3. Tom: I love cooking when I have free time. ___________________________ Henry: I always watch TV. 1. How are you?     2. How do you do?    3. How about you?   4. How was your day?
  4. Tim: I went to the beach last summer.   Paul: _________________________________                         Tim: I made a sandcastle with my sister.                                                                                             1. What did you feel?           2. When did you go there?                                                                       3. What did you do there?    4. Where did you stay there?
  5. Anna: What do you do now, Tommy?    Tommy: I’m _____________ I work in this hospital, and you? Anna: I'm a teacher. It’s nice to see you here.                                                                                     1. a pilot.    2. a pharmacist.    3. a policeman.     4. a flight attendant.
  6. Customer: Can you offer me some vegetarian food?  Waitress: Sure. How about___________________? 1. tuna sandwiches      2. fried chicken wings     3. fruit salad with olive oil                                           4. pork steak with baked potatoes
  7. Mom: It’s raining outside. _________________   Son: Okay. Thank you, mom.                                     1. You should go to the swimming pool.   2. Don’t forget to take an umbrella.                                      3. Please water the plants.   4. Let’s go to the beach.
  8. Emmy: How often do you wash your clothes? Bob: ___________. I usually do it every Saturday.             1. Everyday       2. Twice a year      3. Once a week        4. Once a month  
  9. Situation: In the classroom, Chan is a new student.    Teacher: Where do you come from?                       Chan: I come from China but my father is American.   Judy: Well, what is your _____________?             Chan: I am Chinese.    1. religion    2. nationality     3. favourite colour      4. school name
  10. Situation: At school Teacher: _________________________________________                                 Sandy: I come to school by bus.          1. How do you come to school?       2. When do you go to school? 3. Where do you study?           4. How are you?
  11. Alice: I have a problem with my teeth.   Betty: ___________________________                                   Alice: Yes, I think so.     1. You should go to see the dentist.                  2. You should eat more sweet. 3. You should buy new cloth.       4. You need to see your friends                            
  12. Situation: At the supermarket. Wendy: _____________. The cleaner is cleaning the floor.                   Jake: Oh! Yes, thank you.      1. Don’t touch it.       2. Be careful.       3. Good luck.       4. Be quiet. 
  13. Teacher: It’s raining and windy outside. Tim, ______________         Tim: Of course.                             1. can you open the door?      2. can you close the window?     3. can you turn off the light?                 4. can you switch on a fan?
  14. Sara: Would you mind carrying this box for me?       Mark: ________________  It’s my pleasure.           1. Certainly.      2. Yes, I would.     3. Yes, of course.     4. No, of course not.
  15. Son: Mom, I am very hungry.   Can I have some______________, please?   Mom: Yes, here you are.     1. milk     2. noodles     3. soft drink     4. apple juice
  16. Nancy: Would you like to go to the cinema with me this Saturday?                                                       Tida: ___________________, but I’m afraid I can’t. I have to help my mother at home.                         1. With my pleasure       2. Don’t worry about it     3. I’m sorry      4. I’d love to
  17. Christ: What time do you usually get up?     Peter: It’s ___________________________                     1. a quarter to seven.    2. ten kilos and a half.      3. two thousand fourteen.                                         4. one hundred and fifty centimeters.
  18. Teacher: ______________________.   Susan: Here you are.                                                               1. Please work in pairs.      2. Please work in groups.           3. Please turn of the light.                         4. Please hand in that book to me
  19. Situation: John wants to buy the movie ticket.    John: Do you still have the movie ticket?                     Ticket seller: Just a minute. ___________________________ .        John: Oh, thanks. I will take it.       1. I’m sorry. We don’t have it       2. It’s not available       3. Here’s the last one    4. It won’t be long
  20. Situation: At home      Jack: I didn’tbuy any carrots for you.            Mother: Why not?                           Jack: ______________________      1. There are lots of carrots.              2. Don’t you know that boy? 3. I’m sorry. I lost all my money. 4. Excuse me. May I have some carrots?
  21. Peter: Excuse me, you are taking my seat.       Betty: _________________ It’s my mistake.                   1. Just kidding.              2. That’s alright.               3. I’m so sorry.            4. Never mind.  
  22. Jenny: I have got a stomachache.    Sam: Oh! That’s too bad. Have you taken any medicine?                 Jenny: Yes, I have.      Sam: ___________________      Jenny: Thank you.                                           1. Sorry to hear that.     2. Drink more soda.           3. Get back soon.        4. Get well soon.
  23. Situation: At the hospital           Dr.Simon: Hello, Sue. How are you feeling today?                                 Sue: I don’t feel well.                Dr.Simon: _____________________                                                 Sue: Well, I have a terrible headache.   1. What’s wrong?     2. How old are you?    3. When did it happen?     4. Where are you from?
  24. Daniel: Tom, there is a rainbow in the sky.     Tom: Wow! _______________. I love its color.                  1. It’s terrible   2. It’s fantastic   3. It’s too bad   4. It’s awful
  25. Teacher: You look upset. What’s the matter?      Student: I forgot my homework.                                   Teacher: ______________ You can hand in your homework later.                                                        1. Excellent.    2. Good job.    3. Don’t worry.   4. What’s wrong? 
  26. Situation: Som is carrying lots of books.           Jane: _____________?      Som: Yes, please. Thank you. Jane: It’s my pleasure. 1. Are you O.K.   2. May I help you   3. Would you help me                                 4. What can you do for me
  27. Situation: At home          John: Let’s have a picnic this weekend!                                                   Sarah: ____________! Where shall we go?     John: At the riverside.                                                  1. It’s a good idea    2. It’s quite bad     3. It’s awful      4. It’s fast
  28. Situation: At the canteen         A: ______________?     B: Sure.       A: Thank you.                              1. May I sit here   2. What do you do    3. When is your next birthday  4. Could you take me to the bank
  29. Situation: At the canteen        A: How many bottles of water would you like?         B: _____________. 1. Lemonade               2. There is one              3. Three, please                4. Sweet and delicious
  30. A: When is your birthday?       B: ______________________.                                                             1. It’s on 3rd floor                                 2. It’s at half past six                                                             3. It’s at 125 Tiwanon Street                  4. It’s on November the twentieth   
  31. Jim: Excuse me, __________________?    Mark: Sure. No problem.                                                   1. can you help me paint the picture        2. how many pictures are there                                               3. do you like this picture                        4. is this your picture
  32. Situation: At the coffee shop     A: My uncle had a car crash last night. Now he is in the hospital.          B: ____________.       1. Great            2. Try again            3. Good luck       4. I’m sorry to hear
  33. Situation: On Father’s day            Mr.Somchai: Thank you for your present. You are my lovely son.  Nick: ______________.     1. Sure        2. Don’t worry        3. See you again       4. You’re welcome
  34. Tom: I’m sorry. I have to leave now, ____________.     Peter: See you soon.                                     1. bye              2. fine, thanks                3. good evening               4. long time no see  
  35. Situation: In the classroom      Nok: I think you took the wrong pencil case.  That one is mine.       Beem: Oh, _________.    Nok: No problem. 1. sorry  2. never mind  3. here you are  4. you’re welcome
  36. Situation: On the school bus    Amy: You look so tired.   Kim: My mom was sick last night, and I had to take care of her all night.   Amy: __________________  1. That’s great!   2. It’s excellent!  3. That’s too bad.  4. It’s very fantastic.
  37. A: What’s your nationality?   B: ________________.  1. I’m thirty years old  2. I’m British                   3. I’m married   4. I’m shy
  38. Situation: In a library   Joe: Do you mind if I sit here?   Nick: __________________.  Joe: Thank you.  1. Go away  2. See you  3. Of course not  4. Wonderful  
  39. Situation: At Jim’s birthday party   Jim: Hello.   Mike: Hello.   Jim: Would you like some juice?         Mike: ________. Soft drink, please.   1. Sure   2. Thank you   3. No, thank you   4. It’s my pleasure
  40. Situation: At home   Mook: Pass me some salt, please.   Nid: _________________.  Mook: Thanks a lot. 1. Not much   2. Five baht   3. Here you are   4. It’s on the shelf                                                           Situation: On the road (41–42)  Tik: Excuse me,  ...41... the police station?   A woman: ...42... .       Tik: Thank you very much.
  41. 1. do you live near   2. would you like to go to   3. how long does it take to  4. could you tell me how to get to
  42. 1. I won’t go there   2. It’s my favourite place    3. I don’t want to go there   4. Go straight and turn right  
  43. James: Pim, this is Kathy. Kathy: Glad to meet you. Pim: ______________. 1. I’m fine 2. O.K., thanks 3. Very fantastic 4. Glad to meet you, too
  44. Situation: Noi and Bow are talking about Mother’s day.  Noi: What will you do for your mom?           Mook: ________________.    Noi: Me too.   1. I love her very much     2. She’s kind and lovely              3. That’s very kind of you     4. I’ll give her some jasmines
  45. Situation: At the market    Fruit seller: May I help you?   Darin: I’d like some grapes. ______________?    Fruit seller: Eighty baht a kilo. How many kilos would you like?   Darin: Two, please.  1. How old is it 2. How much are they     3. How long does it take    4. How many do you want                                   Situation: Pam and Nina are in the computer room. (46–47)  Pam: 46 ?    Nina: Countries in AEC community, and you?    Pam: I’d like to know “the 47 of Laos”.    Nina: I think it’s “Kip”. Please check it again.   Pam: Thank you so much.
  46. 1. How are you using the computer    2. What topic are you searching for   3. Who are you looking at    4. Where are you going
  47. 1. capital   2. religion   3. currency   4. nationality                                                                               Situation: At a cloth shop (48–49)   Seller: May I help you?   Ann: Sure. a T-shirt.    Seller: This way, please. How about this pink one?   Ann: I like it. I’d like M size. How much is it?  Seller: It’s two hundred and ninety baht, but you’ll get ten percent discount.  Ann: Great! Thank you so much. So how much will it be? Seller:.............    Ann: O.k. Here’s the money.                      
  48. 1. I’m taking off    2. I’m getting up   3. I’m putting on   4. I’m looking for                                    
  49. 1. twenty – nine    2. two hundred and ninety 3. two hundred and sixty-one 4. three hundred and nineteen                                                                                                                            
  50. Situations: At the field     Max: I can’t run anymore, I’m so tired and thirsty. Jack: Let’s find something to drink.  Max: _________________.  1. I am O.K.  2. Congratulations! 3. That’s a good idea! 4. Don’t worry about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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