Key Revision 1/4

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 A. Complete the sentences in reported speech.

  1. John said, "I love this town."
    John said that he loved that town.
  2. " I like to play soccer with you," he said to me.
    He told me that he liked to play soccer with me.
  3. "We can't drive a lorry," they say.
    They say that they can't drive a lorry. 
  4. "I fell down from the tree yesterday," she said to her sister.
    She told her sister that she had fallen down from the tree the day before. (the previous day)
  5. "I always wake up early," she says.
    She says that she always wakes up early.           
  6. B. Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.

1) We worked in a restaurant in 2001. (to work)

2) Jack broke the window of the gym

this morning. (to break)

3) I'm sorry. have never forgotten my diary. (to forget / never)

4) Last Monday, she checked her computer. (to check)

5) They have cleaned the bike since 7 o’clock.

It looks new again.(to clean)

6) Two years ago, Mary visited Bath. (to visit)

7) I have not been to Siberia yet. (not/to be)

8) Yesterday, we played volleyball. (to play)

9) Have you ever done magic tricks? (to do)

10) The children have not cleaned their room yet.

It's still dirty. (not/to clean)                              

C. Choose the correct answer.

1) My father _____ his video camera yesterday.   a) forgets        b) forgot       c) forgotten

2) Steven _____ across the Altantic.   a) has never flew      b) has never flown      c) has never fly

3) _____ a snake?   a) Have you ever touch        b) Have you ever touched   c) Do you never touched

4) We _____ the film at home.  a) have already saw    b) have already see    c) have already seen

5) She _____ the contest three years ago.   a) didn't win    b) didn't won     c) hasn't won

6) They _____ their books out yet.   a) haven't take      b) haven't taken      c) haven't took

7) The thieves _____ the painting in 1999.  a) steal       b) stole        c) have stolen

8) Last week my uncle _____ a new car.  a) driven        b) drives        c) drove

9) I _____ the blue pen.  a) have just choose         b) have just chose         c) have just chosen

10) When _____ this morninga) did you wake up     b) did you woke up     c) did you woken up 

D.English exercise "yet, already, since, for"  

  1. Wait a moment please! I have not finished the last exercise yet.
  2. have already seen this movie twice.
  3. We have not seen each other yet 
  4. Jack and Paulinehave been married for three years.
  5. Haven't you doneyour Christmas shopping yet?
  6. Stephen has worked here since last May.
  7. Put your money away. I have already paid the bill.
  8. I have lived in the same house since I was born.
  9. Ihave not cooked supper yet because I thought you were going to be late.
  10. Do not say anything to Mary. Ihave not told anyone yet.              
  11. E. Fill prefixes or suffixes.(Only from the book).
  12. happy -unhappy / happiness  11.1 correct -  incorrect 
  13. understand -  misunderstand  12.1. courage -  courageous 
  14. danger -  dangerous  13.1. sleep -  sleepless
  15. penny -  penniless    14.1.  wind-  rewind
  16. gentle -  gentleness  15.1 possible - impossible
  17. cycle -  bicycle   16.1 agree -  disagree
  18. govern - government    17.1 care -  careful / careless
  19. manage -  management                                                          
  20. F. Prefixes and suffixes. 
  1. I don't know where she went. (APPEAR) I'm sorry I misunderstand her message completely now. I simply didn't pay attention. (UNDERSTAND)
  2. She was here a minute ago but then she disappeared.
  1. We usually havesimilar opinions but

           I totally disagree with him on this subject. (AGREE)

  1. My homework was so bad that I had to rewrite it. (WRITE)
  1. She finally managed to unlock the door and we were able to go in. (LOCK)
  1. disliked the movie but everyone else enjoyed it. (LIKE)
  1. I don't think I will pass the exam but I can retake it in September. (TAKE)
  1. He wrapped my present so well that it took me five minutes to unwrap it. (WRAP)
  1. I thought it was very impolite of him to treat her

           in such a brutal way. (POLITE)                                                          

10. The store closed down but it will reopen next month. (OPEN)  

G. Write the compound words.

  1. Something that doesn’t work. = backfire
  2. A man who is a member of group that works

          to put out fires. = fireman / firefighter

  1. A covered hole in a street that a person can go down into

          to do work under the street. = manhole

  1. To add money to a cellular phone. = top - up / top up
  2. A tower with a powerful light that is built on or near the shore to

          guide ships away from danger.  = lighthouse                        

H. Write the synonym 1-4 / antonym 5-6

  1. sew….there  their.    3. too to, two..
  2. sum  some won one      6. here hear….
  3. hairhare   8. where wear….   9. know no….
  4. a fight = a …row…. 11. a gift = …a…present
  5. the leader = thehead...                                                                                                        

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